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proof over promises


All the wedding videos you're about to see were filmed hand held! Yup! I use the highest quality cameras that come with built in stabilization, so by filming with just my hands holding the camera, it allows for the slightest movement and shake in the footage to add that real-time, raw feel. I only use a tripod for longer segments like ceremony and speech time!


I use a music platform that gives us access to THOUSANDS of legal, copyright free music to use! I work very closely with my clients to insure that we are selecting songs that scream who you are as a couple, match the beat of the day, and vibe well with your love story. Plus you get to post it on the 'Gram! ;)


professionally color grade each individual clip so it brings out the color and life in a cinematic way. Using all kinds of transitions, film effects, and authentic Super 8 footage, you're guaranteed a unique wedding video that stands the test of time. 

Alice + Cody //

Still Water Hollow Nampa, ID

Shannon + Sam //

Still Water Hollow Nampa, ID

Amber + Matthew //
Sixty Chapel Garden Valley, ID

Jaycee + Duncan //
Deer Flat Ranch Nampa, ID
Madison + Joren //
Mint Barrel Barn Nampa ID

Kaylee + Kale //
Pilgrim Cove Camp McCall, ID

Aubrey + Michael //
Scandia Inn McCall, ID
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films that that bring out 
the joy, color and spark in your love story

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