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I'm so happy you're here!

I officially began my business in 2019 as a wedding photographer and transitioned to videography that same year. My business has exploded since then and I feel immensely grateful for each of my clients.

I take pride in knowing that I'm capturing your beautiful story. Once you book with me, you will very quickly experience my bubbly personality, horrible dance moves, and enthusiasm for film! I want to tell your unique story so it expresses the love between you and your forever partner perfectly.


"Here to create bright, cinematic wedding films that
bring your wedding day memories to life!"

  • You're easy going and can't wait to have some fun!

  • You LOVE my work and trust my artistic process.

  •  You love to travel and explore!

  • You are a sucker for nostalgic Super 8 films.

  • You can quote The
    Office!*not required ;)


I'm your videographer if...

Why wedding videography is my passion...

I've been a HUGE tech nerd ever since I was little. I get it from my dad. He's worked with coding and computers all my life and of course as a young girl looking up to her dad, YOU KNOW I would be soaking up all that knowledge and wanting to learn more! He taught me how to code, use video softwares and of course... how to use our old camcorder! Any free time I had when I was little was making "movies" with my sister and my cousin. I became a director, producer, editor, and film critic all by the age of 7. ;) If only! But for real, you could never catch me not filming something. Growing up with this love of film making and editing, I was always recording every moment and wanted to learn more! I thought.... "How can I make this my full-time job? How can I make a living doing what I do best? Using my tech skills, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments, and traveling around the world..." It all clicked when I helped a close friend film a wedding and from the second we started, MAN I was hooked! I immediately bought a used camera off of Facebook Marketplace and began my journey as a wedding videographer. I've done this full-time for a few years now and I still can't believe that my once dream is now a reality. I truly am in my element at a wedding capturing the most important memories of your life. 


I'm obsessed with all things vintage! I adore my Super 8 camera and try to film with it any chance I can! Let's chat about adding on some Super 8 to your video! ;)

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