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Destination Florida Wedding | Pops of color and Retro Vibes | Tamar + Joel

Destination Florida Beach Wedding

Tamar and Joel knew they wanted a videographer and luckily for me, they flew me all the way down to Tampa, Florida to capture their dream destination wedding.

I still dream about this wedding day and am so happy that not only they got to have their special day captured on film, but that I was the one to do it. This is one of the longest highlight videos I've done but for good reason! Their day was filled with such joy, love, laughter and moments that we needed almost 15 minute to soak it all in.

From the retro sunglasses for all their guests, to the breathtaking ocean views to the bright, colorful reception decor.... this wedding day will be one none of us will ever forget!

Bride: @tamar.vogt Groom: @joelvogt31

Florida Wedding Team

Photographer: @clairenevillephoto

Videographer: @taylorjfilms

Day of coordinator: Kendra Verbeten

Bride’s attire: @sarahseven from @strikebridalbar

Content Creator: @claire.damon

Get To Know The Couple

How did you two meet?

"Ah, our story is straight out of a Wisconsin fairy tale! Picture this: a bar, two friends, and a sprinkle of Midwestern magic. Fate intervened when I, with my unmistakable Minnesota accent, caught the attention of this charming green eyed fellow. He couldn't resist teasing me about it, and that's when the sparks flew. Turns out, a little friendly banter over accents was the perfect recipe for a love story. "

How did Joel propose?

"Joel decided to seal the deal on our new home with the low key proposal of my dreams. With the keys to our new home in one hand, and engagement ring in the other, our front steps became the stage for our next big chapter. As we closed the door to our dream house, he opened the door to forever. Who says closing day is just about mortgages and paperwork?"

Why did you choose a destination wedding?

"Joel and I love to travel together and let's be real, Florida had us at "sand and sunshine.” We wanted a beachside wedding weekend celebrating our love. Because really, who wouldn't want to trade a traditional send-off for a moonlit plunge into the ocean with their new hubby?!"

Do you have any wedding advice for future wedding couples?

"First and foremost, trust your partner's choices – after all, you're marrying them, not their opinion on floral arrangements. Joel didn’t love that I wanted one of our wedding colors to be pink. Turns out he loved everything about our day!

Dance like everyone's watching – let loose, it's your day, and the dance floor is your personal stage. Joel and I never left the dance floor all night!

Cherish the quirky moments – the unplanned laughter, and the rogue tear. During our vows instead of repeating “for richer or poorer” I decided to switch it up and we say “for richer or richer.” Joel and the guests were so caught off guard and had a good laugh."

Destination Florida Retro Wedding Theme at Hilton Clearwater Resort

All photos on this blog were captured by Claire Neville Photography.

Feeling inspired and in love with the color scheme, destination and table scapes?

If you’re engaged and you’re looking for a wedding filmmaker that's ready to capture your memories and bring this vision to life, you can inquire with me here!

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