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Houston, Texas Wedding: Luxury, Timeless Black and White Theme with Vietnamese Traditions | Lan + Edward

Updated: Apr 7

Destination Luxury Texas Wedding

You will never fall in love with a couple faster.....

This couple knew exactly what they wanted in a wedding film and from the little moments to the big ones, you'll be able to experience their wedding day as if you were there. Let's dive into this luxury, timeless setting with black and white color schemes and Vietnamese traditions.

We began the day with quiet moments.... the birds chirping, the bridesmaids crying as they read handwritten letters from the groom, the bride joining in happy tears as she opens her gift from her bridesmaids... Then we ended the day with loud moments....

From traditional Vietnamese table rounds, to crowd surfing at your own wedding, to being surrounded by loved ones as they shower you with gold confetti.

This 14 minute wedding film is worth the watch just to experience the light, magic, and love that Lan and Edward share. So get your popcorn and tissues and let's visit November 25th, 2023.

Bride and groom: @lantastic  @eazy_le

Texas Wedding Vendor Team

Venue/Catering: @kimsonrestaurant

Planning/Coordinating: @happilybyhayley

Photo/cover photo: @mikaylacphotos

Florals/Decor/Linen: @prestigeeventshouston

Entertainment: @drywaterband

Hair & Makeup Team: @blushandco

Transportation: @samslimousine

Get To Know The Couple

How did you two meet?

"Edward and I met at my cousin’s wedding. Our families are good friends, and he grew up going on ski trips with my cousins. Though there were many close instances where we could have met each other earlier, our paths didn’t cross until that night. I couldn’t help but notice his groovy dance moves, especially when he was being lifted in the air by my cousin’s boyfriend! We hit it off at the wedding after party where we chatted until 4:00am and the rest is history."

How did Edward propose?

"Long story short, Edward proposed on a rooftop in Paris! There were a few mishaps and bumps in the road on the way there, but when it came to the moment between just us two and an incredible view overlooking the Eiffel Tower, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I felt like we were living out a movie moment and still dream about that day!"

What did you make a priority when wedding planning?

"We each chose one, number one non-negotiable at the beginning of wedding planning and agreed to compromise on everything else if needed. His non-negotiable was to have a great live band (shout out to Dry Water Band for being phenomenal entertainers) and mine was to have a great quality, traditional 7-course Vietnamese wedding meal! Great food and music are such a huge part of our daily lives and we wanted to make sure to prioritize both of these in our wedding.

I would also like to add that the underlying theme in our decision making was to stay true to ourselves and what we truly wanted for our big day! "

Do you have any wedding advice for future couples?

"Remember that it’s YOUR big day! Prioritize what will make the day feel uniquely special for you and your partner. The rest is white noise. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of wedding planning, but hiring amazing vendors (like Taylor) that you 100% trust is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Edward’s advice on the big day: stick together and hit the dance floor!"

Texas Luxury, Timeless Wedding Theme at Kim Son Houston

All photos on this blog were captured by Mikayla C Photos.

Feeling inspired and in love with this venue, color scheme and overall theme?

If you’re engaged and you’re looking for a wedding filmmaker that's ready to capture your memories and bring this vision to life, you can inquire with me here!

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